Sukhum-Kale, basic information and its possible future | Сухум-Кале, его данные и возможная будущность. 1895

View of Sukhum Kaleh (now Sukhum), on the Black Sea. The Illustrated London News, Vol. XLIX, September 15, 1866.

View of Sukhum Kaleh (now Sukhum), on the Black Sea. The Illustrated London News, Vol. XLIX, September 15, 1866.

A Word about the First President, by V. ZantariyaСухум-Кале, его данные и возможная будущность: основания для осуществления к нему железных дорог, через Главный Кавказский хребет и от Закавказской их сети (Sukhum-Kale, basic information and its possible future: the grounds for laying railways to it across the Main Caucasian Range and from the Transcaucasian network)
Author: N. Andrievsky
Year: 1895
Number of pages: 68 
Language: Russian 


Traveling through the Transcaucasus, I accidentally stumbled upon Sukhum-Kale, a wonderful corner, but one that unfortunately has been forgotten and isolated from the rest of the world; like many others, I was struck by the absolutely exceptional climate and vegetation, as well as its bay and extremely favorable topographical and other conditions for the laying of railways to it from the Transcaucasus and inland Russia. I developed such an interest in the place that despite the high price of land, I purchased a few acres on the so-called first Trapezia hill, after which, on the basis of a detailed study of the town’s immediate needs, I consider it useful to release the results of my labours, the purpose of which is to acquaint with Sukhum those who are interested, and to give an impetus to finally paying the attention due to the town and the surrounding area as a location important to Russia in many respects.

N. Andrievsky., G. Sukhum-Kale, Dacha "Dioskuri". 1895.



I. The town of Sukhum-Kale: basic information 1

II. The future of Sukhum, as the best winter, spring and autumn climatological station and as a centre for the most diverse agricultural activity 5

III. The Needs of Sukhum 20

IV. The Significance of Sukhum as a very important point on the Black Sea and as a Commercial Port for Transcaucasia and inland Russia 28

V. The Transcaucasus and the question of linking it by railroad to with Central Russia across the Main Caucasus Range 36

VI. On the unfavorable conditions for the laying of railway tracks in the central part of the Main Caucasus Range 40

VII. On the advantages of a railroad along the valleys of the Kuban, Teberda, Chkhalta, and Kodor with branch lines to Sukhum and Novo-Senaki, its absolute merits and the reasons for extending it to Tsaritsyn 45

VIII. On the brilliant consequences for the whole of Russia of laying a railway from Tsaritsyn to Sukhum, with a branch line to the Transcaucasian Railway. 57

Appendix 61


Путешествуя по Закавказью, я случайно наткнулся на чудный, но, к сожалению, забытый и изолированный от остального мира, уголок – Сухум-Кале; пораженный, как и многие другие, совершенно исключительным климатом и растительностью, а также его бухтою и чрезвычайно благоприятными топографическими и прочими условиями для проложения к нему железных дорог, из Закавказья и внутренней России, я настолько заинтересовался им, что, несмотря на высокие цены на земли, приобрел несколько десятин на так называемой первой трапеции, после чего по подробном изучении насущных его нужд, считаю небесполезным выпустить настоящий мой посильный труд, цель которого, – ознакомить интересующихся с Сухумом и дать толчок к тому, чтобы на него и на прилегающие к нему местности, наконец, обратили должное внимание, как на пункт во многих отношениях важный для России.

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“Fountain near Souchoum [Sukhum] Kaleh. ‘A Series of Views in the Mediterranean, Grecian Archipelago, Bosphorus and the Black Sea’, from Sketches made during a Tour in 1855 & 1866, London, Day & Son, 1857. By Mrs. Cospatrick Baillie-Hamilton.




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