The Vainakhs: the Chechen and Ingush, by George Anchabadze

The Vainakhs (The Chechen and Ingush) by George AnchabadzeThe Vainakhs: the Chechen and Ingush
Author: George Anchabadze
Year: 2001-2009
Place of Publication: Tbilisi
Published by: Caucasian House
Number of pages: 79
Language: English

The first edition of the book «Vainakhs» in the English language, published in 2001. This book is the repetition of the text of the first edition and it covers the history of Vainakh people – the Chechens and the Ingush – from the ancient times to 2001.  The Chechens and Ingush have common origin and similar language and culture, but owing to the force of historical coincidence of circumstances they have developed into the separate nations who, nevertheless, are fully aware of their unity, and apart from their national self-names – Nokhchi (Chechens) and Galgai (Ingush), have their common name - Vainakhs, i.e., “our people”.

The full book in PDF can be downloaded by clicking here (2.3 MB) 

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