International Alert: Dialogue on security guarantees in the context of the Georgian-Abkhaz conflict

Author(s): International Alert

Date of Publication: 2009-09

Publisher: International Alert

Published: London

Languages: English and Russian

No. pages: 44

ISBN: 978-1-906677-46-6

This paper presents the separate analyses of both Georgian and Abkhaz civil society experts on the need for security guarantees, the reasons why the sides have been unable to agree on them as well as barriers and opportunities for future agreements.  In itself, the document reflects the achievement of Alert’s long-term engagement as a facilitator of dialogue between Georgian and Abkhaz civil society leaders. It reflects an advance in the dialogue process while contributing to the debate around security guarantees.

This publication is an attempt to present a new analytical framework for dialogue to stimulate communication and debate across the conflict divide. It should be of equal interest to Georgian and Abkhaz societies, hopefully bringing the perspective of the other side into internal debates, while helping international actors with an interest in peaceful resolution of the conflict to understand Georgian & Abkhaz perspectives better.

The article in PDF can be downloaded by clicking here.

This paper is also available in Russian

Source: International Alert - Promoting dialogue on security guarantees in the context of the Georgian-Abkhaz conflict.




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