EUROCLIO - 2005 - Fact Finding Mission to Abkhazia and Georgia

Leeuw-Roord, Joke van der, Too much Memory too much Amnesia, Report on Fact Finding Mission to Abkhazia and Georgia for International Alert. (2005)

International Alert (London) requested a report on issues of history in Abkhazia and Georgia ass an action in their Eurasia Programme in the Caucasus. This programme aims; to empower peace actors and to support their efforts; to build their capacities; to expand the constituencies and networks of peace actors and to achieve sustainability of peace efforts in the Caucasus; This programme on confidence building between the Abkhaz and Georgian societies is running since 1998 and the goal of present work is to conduct a series of joint activities between International Alert and local partner organisations in Abkhazia and Georgia to support the confidence-building process in particular, to develop greater understanding on the issues of history in the context of the Abkhaz / Georgian conflict.

The full report in PDF can be downloaded by clicking here (280 Kb)

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