The de-isolation of Abkhazia | International Alert

Date: Sat, 04/30/2011

Author: International Alert
Publisher: International Alert

The need for greater ‘engagement’ with Abkhazia has been widely acknowledged by the international community and is now even enshrined in official European and Georgian policies. Nevertheless, as ‘meaningful’ engagement is slow to materialise, the trend on the ground is of increasing alienation rather than rapprochement. In order to understand this, Georgian and Abkhaz researchers examined the original rationale and motivation behind isolationist policies, after which they compare and contrast the relatively recent European and Georgian ‘engagement’ strategies. Both Georgian & Abkhaz authors conclude that despite the similarities between the two strategies, they actually have quite contrasting aims at their heart which reflect the ‘isolation/de-isolation’ debate. The Abkhaz paper goes on to reflect on the internal discourse on ‘de-isolation’, offering some insight into why political struggles that manipulate the dichotomy of Russia versus the West gain so much traction.

The full publication in PDF can be downloaded by clicking here (578 KB)

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