Evolution of Turkish Foreign Policy towards Georgia, by Marianna Vindimian

ISPI Policy Brief, N.196, September 2010

The disintegration of the Soviet Union was  a watershed  for the twentieth century’s history in general and for the role of Turkey in the newly born Eurasian region in par ticular. Largely thanks to western backing in general and the United States in particular, Turkey began to change its foreign policy and to put some of the Kemalist dogmas into question.

An orientation which is still  visible today in a changing scenario sparked with the August war between Georgia and Russia in an area, the  Caucasus, where Turkey has always had to deal with many  regional and international actors to affirm its role, at first as  a bridge between East and West, and then as a more autonomous and assertive mediator between all the participants.

Marianna Vindimian is an Independent Research Fellow

The full article in PDF can be downloaded by clicking here (203 KB)

Source: ISPI




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