More than 700 places for the treatment of patients with COVID-19 may be made ready in Abkhazia

Tamaz Tsakhnakia, Minister of Health

Tamaz Tsakhnakia, Minister of Health

SUKHUM -- Eighty-six people have undergone investigation to identify coronavirus during the emergency measures in Abkhazia to combat coronavirus. Not a single case has been confirmed.

“Altogether, medical facilities in Abkhazia are ready to provide up to 730 beds to accommodate patients with coronavirus-infection,” the Minister of Health of the Republic Tamaz Tsakhnakia said live on Abkhazian television.

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"Together with colleagues from the WHO and Rospotrebnadzor [Supervisory Body for the Needs of Russia – trans.], we determined the minimum need that may arise if the situation worsens. There are now 70 beds in the Gudauta hospital’s infection-department, and if necessary it will be increased to 350. In total, up to 730 beds can be deployed in Abkhazia," he noted.

Tsakhnakia also noted that with the funds raised by the Moscow Abkhazian diaspora for medical facilities in Abkhazia, 21 ventilators have been purchased.

Currently, not a single case of coronavirus has been recorded in Abkhazia.




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