Abkhazian Civil Groups Seek Open Dialogue on Key Issues on Abkhaz State TV

SUKHUM / AQW’A —  The Committee for the Protection of the Sovereignty of Abkhazia, alongside the civil organisations "Ahyatsa," "Union of Veterans and Youth of Abkhazia," and "Asarkial," have addressed Irina Agrba, the General Director of the Abkhazian State Television and Radio Broadcasting Company.

Representatives of the public and opposition forces are calling for a series of live broadcasts on two "urgent and significant issues."

These include the draft law on "foreign agents" introduced in the parliament of the Republic of Abkhazia, as well as a note from the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs received by the Abkhaz side concerning the state dacha in Pitsunda.

"The first issue concerns the authorities' plans to adopt the 'foreign agents' law. This initiative raises serious concerns and debates among citizens, as it will significantly impact freedom of speech and media independence in our country, create divisions in society, and, without exaggeration, affect thousands of our citizens.

The second issue is related to the recently ratified agreement on Pitsunda and the subsequent note from the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs to the Abkhaz Ministry of Foreign Affairs, secretly handled by the authorities. This event is of colossal importance for the future of our interstate relations and deserves open and transparent discussion," the statement said.

The authors of the statement believe that transparency in decisions made by the authorities is extremely necessary to maintain and strengthen the image of Abkhazia as a "reliable partner, especially in the context of relations with the Russian Federation."

"We are confident that an open discussion of these pivotal issues on national television will help ensure a deeper understanding and adoption of critically important decisions for the future of our country," the statement concludes.




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