Tengiz Tarba demonstrates the readiness to put into practice the project 'Mountainous Abkhazia'

Tengiz Tarba

In the village of Eshera, at the headquarters of the project-team "Mountainous Abkhazia", there was a demonstration of expedition-equipment acquired thanks to the sponsorship of the Ministry of Finance of Abkhazia and the mobile-phone company "AQUAFON." 

The Project Manager for "Mountainous Abkhazia", Tengiz Tarba, demonstrated all the equipment brought together which the team has purchased thanks to the sponsorship from the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Abkhazia and the mobile-phone company "Aquafon." Tarba explained in detail the purpose of each tool, the technical accessories and items of clothing, including satellite communications equipment, radios, navigation, snowshoes, skis, tents, generators, shoes, thermal and waterproof clothing.

According to Tengiz Tarba, the purpose of the expedition is the study of the tourist mountain-routes of Abkhazia and the promotion of winter-tourism in it. "The world will know that in Abkhazia mountain-tourism exists," he said. 

Taking part in the meeting with the project-team for "Mountainous Abkhazia" were Vice-President of Abkhazia, Vitali Gabnia, who believes that in Abkhazia there are great prospects for the development of mountain-tourism and promised to provide full support to the project.




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