Bganba has called for mobilisation of all forces and resources due to coronavirus

Valeri Bganba

Valeri Bganba

SUKHUM -- The acting president of Abkhazia, Prime Minister Valeri Bganba, held a meeting with the heads of district- and city-administrations, according to the website of the Republic’s Cabinet of Ministers.

The head of government called for one hundred percent mobilisation of all forces and resources in the regions in connection with the recognition of the first case of coronavirus-infection.

"He referred to the need to strengthen the work of medical personnel in the field and the willingness of reserve-specialists in the medical field to provide, if necessary, assistance to the employees of medical institutions," the report said.

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Bganba also instructed the heads of city- and district-administrations to monitor local compliance with the state of emergency and to conduct informational work with citizens.

The first confirmed case of coronavirus-infection in Abkhazia became known yesterday. A resident of Gagra, who recently arrived from Moscow, fell ill. He is hospitalised in the Gudauta Hospital. Currently, according to the Coronavirus Control Headquarters, the man is in a satisfactory condition. The State Epidemiological Service is tracking the contacts of the patient.




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